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About Jason

About Jason

Growing up in country Victoria, the movie - Man From Snowy River was a real reality, being only 1.5 hrs drive away. After Jason watched the movie several times he started envisioning running the brumbies in the High Country and riding into glorious sunsets, he told himself that would be him one day.

Jason didn’t have a traditional up-bringing with horses, which he now cherishes to be a great advantage. It instilled values in Jason, allowing him to engage an open mind when he began his learning journey with horses. His first formal education with riding, came from local horseman and woman in the area.

Searching for more inspiration using horse friendly methods, he travelled to America in 2000 and spent 3 months as a dedicated student at the Parelli Ranch in Colorado. This gave Jason a true understanding of why horses do what they do and how to develop the communication between horse and rider. While there he also explored world renowned horsemen John and Josh Lyons and Buck Brannaman. He was then fortunate enough to gain experience in Buck’s Australian clinics upon his return.

Once returning to Australia Jason was hungry for more knowledge so enrolled in a colt starting course for 3 years with David Simons, John Lyons' representative in Australia. The round yard became his sanctuary, starting and re-educating hundreds of horses who had “people problems.”

In early 2001, Jason attended his first, of many, Buck Brannaman clinics. This was the turning point for Jason and opened his eyes to other training methods. Buck’s timing and soft feel was like velvet, he was the first cowboy Jason witnessed who could ride with classical style and feel. Buck’s learning came heavily influenced by Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrence, who in their early years, were with the US Cavalry and trained in equitation with the French Cavalry.

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“Time is the gift, give it freely to your horse and you will both be the better for it.”

-Buck Brannaman

Committed to being the best he could be, Jason searched for the link between ground work and classical timing and the feel under saddle, without jeopardising the principles which under-pin everything we do with horses. In 2016 Jason was led to Ecole de Legerete (School of Lightness) classical riding taught by Philippe Karl.

With his thirst for knowledge, Jason travelled to Switzerland to meet Philippe Karl and trained directly under Gabrielle Schweizer, one of Phillipe’s licensed students. He had finally found the link to further his educational journey with equitation. In 2016, he commenced his student/teacher training studies with Sylvia Stossel to become a licensed instructor of the School of Lightness, which trains with the utmost respect for the horse.

Jason is unique in the horse world due to his eclectic background and open mindedness in learning about horsemanship. He has developed the skills to raise foals, develop foundation skills for green horses, create a beautiful classically trained dressage horses or a safe everyday trail and obstacle partner.

Jason is a home grown dedicated horseman, relaxed, easy going with a happy disposition and honest (calling a spade a spade). His passion revolves around coaching riders, ongoing learning, travel and whole body/mind fitness.

Jasons approach achieves results that evolve naturally and logically, a trust-based partnership for both horse and rider, that has a clear explanation of timeless principles and their application to training for all disciplines and breeds of horses.

Happy trails

My promise to you…

“ Whether we are educating the horse or training the rider, it’s advisable to follow the same progression – moving from known to unknown, and from simple to more complex. ”

- Phillipe Karl

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