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Horsemanship for the Weekend Warrior Stage One (WW1)

Horsemanship for the Weekend Warrior Stage One (WW1)

Horsemanship for the Weekend Warrior Stage One is suited to the horse person who works during the week, but loves riding and being social around other likeminded Warriors on their weekend. Heaps of endless ground work isn’t the Warriors thing, we focus on the elements of being safe and responsible around others.

We then head to the trails, hills and obstacles to put practise into purpose. At the end of each day in the saddle we offer a camp oven feast with refreshments, dancing and tunes.

4 Elements we will focus on, but not limited too

  • “The Trust Me, Trust My Horse Process”

  • Courtmanship

  • Street Smart My Horse

  • This course isn’t a colt starting course, but a green horse would benefit from the education. The Weekend Warrior must be competent in the basics for preparing your horse safely under saddle and must already be comfortable in the snaffle bit.

    Day one - conducted as a group focusing on general concepts

    Day two - Refining what you have learnt in a group, including a personal lesson with Jason.


    Private Round Yard Lessons @ $80 plus facility fee if relevant extra to the clinic fee

  • 4pm and hourly intervals back to 9am

  • 6.30pm - Welcome Dinner with Jason @ Local……

  • Saturday

  • 8-9am - Check in and Introduction talk about the Training Scale

  • 9 to 12am - Ground Control Group Session (GCGS) with M/T in between

  • 12 to 12.45pm - Lunch

  • 1pm to 3pm - Ground Control Group Session (GCGS) with A/T in between

  • 3 to 6pm - Ridden Control Group Session (RCGS)

  • 6.30 to 8pm - Yummy food, Wine & Theory Presentation

  • 8pm - Close

  • Sunday

  • 8-9am - Check in and Group Recap on Saturday Session (GRS)

  • 9 to 1pm - Private Lessons with M/Tea in between

  • 1 to 1.30pm - Lunch

  • 1.30pm to 5.30pm - Private Lessons with A/Tea in between

  • 5.30pm - Close

  • What are the Prerequisites needed to attend this course?

    A: None, just an open mind to receive information

    Does this course require me bringing my own horse?

    A: Yes, you will have the opportunity to spend many hours together working on the relationship and foundation skills

    Are there undercover facilities from the sun & rain?

    A: We aim to book indoor facilities wherever we go but check with the organiser on application

    Are meals provides in the fee.

    A: Yes, Tea, coffee, soda, Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea and on the first night we enjoy a campfire feast. Lunches can be organised with us from local shops as an extra or BYO.

    Is there accommodation on site?

    A: Check with the organiser otherwise we can recommend local B&B and a like

    What type of accommodation is there for my horse?

    A: check with the organiser but there are normally stables or paddocks at most venues

    Jason recommends this equipment

  • Rope halter & minimum 3.6m lead rope

  • HMS flag

  • My promise to you…

    “ Remember that WHAT you do with your horse is just a way of getting to WHY you are doing it. Success with horses is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

    - Jason McInnes

    © 2022 Jason McInnes Horsemanship