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Happy Students & Testimonials

Happy Students & Testimonials

Dreams will come true

"I have many dreams and aspirations I want to achieve with Swampy. Most of them based on having a good relationship together, working as a team, a partnership and ultimately having a connection that feels like we are 100% together in the moment. The more I've delved into this style of riding, the more I've realised it's a complete form of art. Although Swampy isn't typically bred for this style of riding, I've been assured that this is a training method suitable for all types and breeds of horses (even the underdogs) to gain the best out of the horse. Although physically he may not be built the most suitably, he definitely has the tenacity, willingness and reliability to give me his best. I’m excited to see where this journey takes us, and with a trusty mount and Jason for guidance I'm looking very forward to the future."

Shonnie Inger

Shonnie 1
Shonnie 2

What a Journey

"Having started horse riding as an adult and ending up being the owner of two beautiful young horses, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and the work that was involved in training and educating a horse let alone two young horses, this left me often finding myself a little overwhelmed and out of my depth. Since meeting Jason McInnes two years ago that all changed, my horsemanship skills and knowledge has excelled and my confidence in handling and riding my horses has continued to reach new heights. Jason has given me the skills, knowledge and the tools to be able to deal with any situation that may present itself particularly when working with young horses keeping myself and my horses safe. Jason is patient, sensitive and considerate of the rider as well as the horse’s individual needs treating both horse and rider respectfully. What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of exercises he has for any given situation making for great learning, variety and fun in our lessons. Without a doubt Jason has been the best part of my horsemanship journey and an inspiration, I look forward to many more years with him mastering the art of schooling and riding my horses."

Fay Diamantakis

Faye 2

Happier Horses

"Jason has a great style of teaching both horse and human, anyone who really cares about their horse mentally, emotionally or physically and who cares about their horses longevity should definitely spend some time with Jason. I love how Jason combines horsemanship and classical dressage together as I believe the horse benefits from both training disciplines. Jason’s style of coaching not only improves your horse’s balance and posture but also to educate the person to progress and become a better rider. This style of training Jason provides will also build a relationship between you and your horse, which the horse understands enabling you to have a much happier horse."

Rachael Craig

Rachael craig
Rachael craig 3

My promise to you…

“ The most profound thing that the horse teaches us, regardless of religion, age, the discipline we ride, or our country of origin, is to “live in the moment”

- Jason McInnes

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