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start my baby or reshape a new beginning over

Start My baby or Reshaping a new beginning

“Where your horse’s future is Shaped not Broken”

Q. Have you ever had the perfect horse broken down at the breaks before?

Q. Have you ever had half the job done by the breaker and your horse been sent home with the message that this horse can’t be ridden?

Q. Have you ever wanted to start your own horse mostly from home, in your own time, with your own personal coach, and in total control of the quality and destiny of the job?

Well that time is here to start your blank canvas under saddle. Jason will be there right beside you along this rewarding and fulfilling journey. Jason understands just how important the right start of your colt really is and he wants to show YOU how to go about the process. How proud and fulfilling are you going to feel when YOU start Shaping your baby’s future right from the word go.

1. What are the Prerequisites needed to attend this course?

A: An open mind to the information and either Recreational Rider or Weekend Warrior clinic

Does this course require me bringing my own horse?

A: Yes, you will have the opportunity to spend many hours together working on the relationship and foundation skills

3.Are there undercover facilities from the sun & rain?

A: We aim to book indoor facilities wherever we go but check with the organiser on application

4. Are meals provides in the fee.

A: Tea, coffee, soda etc and MTea/ATea. On the last day we get together for lunch as a family but otherwise we normally head to the local together

5. Is there accommodation on site?

A: Check with the organiser otherwise we can recommend local B&B and a like

6. What type of accommodation is there for my horse?

A: check with the organiser but there is normally stables or paddocks at most venues

My promise to you…

“A master horseman lives in a world of transformation, not in a world of right or wrong when your shaping your horse's future.”

-Jason McInnes

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