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Psychology, Biomechanics and Horsemanship combined are the 3 key areas to develop the horse and rider:

  • Out of the Saddle Ground Work

  • With Freedom to Move (Courtmanship)

  • Under Saddle Riding

  • Understanding from the beginning all horses like their riders have different traits to their makeup and by understanding what makes the horse tick on the inside and then transferring that knowledge to their feet, enables us to create a relationship that is unbreakable.

    Come join Jason McInnes, his horses and students on this life changing experience!

    My promise to you…

    “ Jason has absolute respect for the horse - for this reason, the philosophy strictly rejects any methods of training with mechanical restraints, fixing the horse in unnatural positions with artificial aids and force. We present a strong focus on personal growth, because you have to change on the inside to be highly successful with the horse on the outside ”

    - Jason McInnes

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