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The Shaping Process

The Shaping Process

The Shaping Process, Stage One “Dancing with the Feet”

Jason will address those simple but necessary basics from the ground and in the saddle that will start for you, what he calls “The Process”. The 8 stage Trust Building journey is all about taking you and your horse from where you are now to where you want go. It’s a guaranteed step by step method of education done from the comfort of your own stable.

TThe development of finesse & lightness starts with working with your horse from the ground in the halter, then we get clearer and more athletic on the lunge & finally we test our education in hand & in the saddle.

A“The Process” is designed for all levels of riders no matter what discipline, but you must be already comfortable in the snaffle bit as this is not a colt starting program.

The Shaping Process, Stage Two “Harmonising the Dance”

This is where we take the solid foundation we have created in Stage 1 and start to give the feet some purpose. Stage 2 is where we really start to change your horse’s posture to travel in a way that accentuates the movements whilst promoting longevity and soundness in your horse.

Stage 2 is also where we focus on making you and your horse “Street Smart.” Obstacles and Spooky Objects are introduced in a controlled and safe way but most importantly in a fun atmosphere.

The Shaping Process, Stage Three “Dancing the Dance”

Stage 3 is where we test whether you have been talking the talk or walking the walk. This is where we pull all 8 Stages of the Trust Me, Trust My Horse Process (The Process) together to create beauty in how you and your horse work together, calmness through balance and confidence through you trusting your horse and your horse trusting you.


1. What are the Prerequisites needed to attend this course?

A: yes, either the Weekend Warrior Stage 1 or Recreational Rider Stage 1

2.Does this course require me bringing my own horse?

A: Yes, you will have the opportunity to spend many hours together working on the relationship and foundation skills

3.Are there undercover facilities from the sun & rain?

A: We aim to book indoor facilities wherever we go but check with the organiser on application

4. Are meals provides in the fee.

A: Tea, coffee, soda etc and MTea/ATea. On the last day we get together for lunch as a family but otherwise we normally head to the local together

5. Is there accommodation on site?

A: Check with the organiser otherwise we can recommend local B&B and a like

6. What type of accommodation is there for my horse?

A: check with the organiser but there is normally stables or paddocks at most venues

My promise to you…

“Education of the hand without the leg, and the education of the leg without the hand draw parallels to There’s a season to sow and there’s a season to reap, you can’t expect to do both in the same season”

-Jason McInnes

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